Start/End: Main Venue

Race Distance: 32.4 kilometers

Total Ascend/Descend: 1805/1805 meters

Deadline: 12 hours

ITRA Points: 2 points

Start Time: 8:00, November 4, 2023

End Time: 20:00, November 4, 2023

Check-in/Supply Stations: 3

Route Introduction:

This is a trail suitable for beginners of high-altitude off-road running and hiking.

The route ascends along the ridge line of Haizi Gou, facing Mt. YaoMai, and heading towards the direction of ZhongLiang. The altitude of ZhongLiang is 4074 meters, offering an excellent viewpoint to admire the south wall of YaoMai Peak. To the left, from the steep pyramid-like YaoMai, you can overlook the full view of ChangPing Gou and PoMu Peak across the gully.

From ZhongLiang, it goes straight down into ChangPing Gou, bypasses KuShu Tan, returns from the lower GanHai, and finally returns to the endpoint mainly downhill. After passing YongHe Palace, there is a slight climb.