Start/End Point: Main Venue

Race Distance: 74 kilometers

Total Ascent/Descent: 3883/3883 meters

Cut-off Time: 24 hours

ITRA Points: 4 points

Start Time: November 4, 2023, 03:00

Cut-off Time: November 5, 2023, 03:00

Check-in/Supply Stations: 10

Route Introduction:

The race track enters Haizigou and Changpinggou scenic spots successively. In Haizigou, it passes through Bajiao Pavilion Sea at an altitude of 4455 meters, and Rhino Sea and Shuanghaizi area at an altitude of 4307-4606 meters. More mixed ice and rubble routes, plus transverse and steep descents, produce an intense exposure. Participants are required to have some mountain walking skills, with 97% of the track being non-mechanically hardened surface.

Endless beauty lies at the dangerous peaks. The difficulty of the route allows you to appreciate even more beautiful scenery from various angles. Other peaks, such as the south and north walls of Yaomei Peak and Pomiu Peak, will be fully in view.

This track is challenging with many technical routes above 4300 meters. The cut-off times are rather tight compared to other categories. It’s a true combination of trail running and mountaineering techniques, requiring runners to have comprehensive abilities.