Start/End Point: Main Venue

Race Distance: 50.7 kilometers

Total Ascent/Descent: 2689/2689 meters

Cut-off Time: 16 hours

ITRA Points: 3 points

Start Time: November 4, 2023, 05:00

Cut-off Time: November 4, 2023, 21:00

Check-in/Supply Stations: 6

Route Introduction:

UTMS50 is an advancement route for beginner high-altitude trail runners, posing a challenge of high-altitude technical routes.

The race track also enters Haizigou and Changpinggou scenic spots. The highest point of the track is Bajiao Pavilion Sea at an altitude of 4455 meters. The track is a mixed ice and rubble technical course with transverse and steep descents and a high degree of exposure. 95% of the track is a non-mechanically hardened surface.

Compared to the original UTMS75, this track has less technical routes in the Haizigou area, such as Dahuang Tent, Rhino Sea, and Shuanghaizi. It also omits the long 8.5-kilometer round trip from Changpinggou to Mullu.